Company Profile

Company profile

Aerohandling an ISO 9001 approved company, offering full-service ground-handling facilities to operators at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport. The company is owned by Silon Aviacion group, a veteran leading corporate in the airline industry and global aviation.

Backed by the group incomparable expertise and experience, Aerohandling provides airlines a a very high service level in parity with the leading airport ground handlers of the world.

With access to the most up-to-date maintenance facilities, all our technical resources are at your disposal as a customer and every operation meets IATA certification standards.

Mission Statement

The entire Aerohandling team shares a commitment of getting our customer’s flights airborne – on time and in correlation with the schedule. Our personable and experienced staff are directly responsible for handling passengers, baggage and cargo supervision, as well as providing special services to flight crews.

Aerohandling team is committed to excellence, high level service level in parity with the leading handlers of the world always thriving towards growth and aspiring for total customer satisfaction.

Aerohandling is committed to an expedicious and flexible responseto any of our clients’ needs at any given time.



Why Us?

  • Fully licensed by ISO
  • We provide a one stop ground handling services package at Ben Gurion Airport.
  • We offer the best qualified and professional service in parity with the leading ground handlers in the world.
  • We offer personal services to our customers.
  • We offer the most competitive prices at Ben Gurion Airport.
  • A full and combined requiting, training and professional updates courses to our entire management and staff.
  • Young and motivated leadership team.
  • Experienced, loyal and well compensated core agent team.
  • We handle each and every airline with top priority and adhering to its overall needs.