• Commercial Handling


    Your time is of an essence, and Ben-Gurion Airport can be time consuming, tiresome place. We at Club Platinum are aware of the need for Personal service in a relax environment. We offer services that are essential to the frequent traveler. Club Platinum specialized in servicing V.I.P. while in Ben-Gurion Airport and offers its guests valuable time saving and maximum comfort ability while passing through Ben-Gurion Airport. Platinum Club carefully selected, professional, courteous, and multilingual team, with vast experience in V.I.P. accommodation are standing by to provide you and your guests with the following services:

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    the vip service may be obtained at

  • Executive Aviation

    Bedek – AeroHandling Aviation Ground Handling & Services specializes in the provision of flight-line support to corporate private aircraft and small aircraft. The prime location at Ben-Gurion International Airport is in the center of Israel's business and hi-tech action. Bedek also provides full service operations at all Israel's airports. Backed by over three decades of experience in ground handling operations, our facilities meet stringent NBAA / EBAA standards. Our multi-lingual, well trained and fully qualified professionals are ready to serve you, 'round the clock. We provide a level of personalized attention above and beyond clients' expectations, especially in the luxurious VIP MASSADA lounge.