Meet & Assist


Aerohandling’s Meet & Assist team consists of caring, friendly and fully-specialized employees who cater to passengers with special needs that correspond to one of the following categories of disability or impairment:

  • WCHS: Wheelchair Steps. When passengers are able to walk short distances, but cannot climb steps. For longer distances you need a wheelchair and the appropriate assistance.imagesCABQYU96
  • WCHC: Wheelchair Carry. When passengers need wheelchair at all times, including on board.
  • WCHR: Wheelchair Ramp.
  • Ambulift: Wnen passengers are not able to walk by themselves into the aircraft.
  • BLND: Blind
  • DEAF: Deaf
  • MAAS (elderly): Meet and Assist Elderly
  • DPNA: Disabled Passenger Needs Assistance