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Privacy Policy

Aero Handling Ltd., (hereinafter: “the Company”) respects the privacy of the users of its website, https://www.aerohandling.com/ (hereinafter: “the Website”). These terms will detail the Company’s privacy policy as it applies to the activities and services included on the Website (hereinafter: “the Services”). The conditions covered include the manner in which the Company uses information provided by the users of the Website, or which it collects during such time of use. This policy is presented using the masculine article for reasons of convenience only, and obviously applies to women as well.

Use of the Website, including the content contained therein, the Services offered therein and the applications offered therein, indicates your agreement to this policy.

Information Collected During the Use of the Website and its Services

When you use the Company’s Website, information about you is collected. Some of this information identifies you personally – your name, your address, products and Services you have purchased, payment methods you have used (credit card name and last four digits), etc. The company may ask you for information such as your name, telephone, city, email and ID number – all in accordance to the service you are interested in and in order to provide it to you. This is information you knowingly provide during use of the Services offered on the Website. In addition, the Company may collect information which does not identify you personally and is not stored together with your information. This is statistical and aggregate data, such as information pertaining to your habits, including content you have created or uploaded to the Website, information or advertisements you have read, the pages you have viewed and the Services which were of interest to you. The Company may collect and use the services of third parties to collect and analyze anonymous statistical or aggregate data pertaining to the use of the Website, including information relating to your details and your activities on the Website.

Registration for Services

To the extent that personal information is required when registering and/or ordering Services, the Company will ask you only for that information which is directly necessary for provision of the Services. You are responsible for keeping the login information you have chosen (including first name, last name and email address) in order to confidentially access the Service, and alerting the Company in case you discover that someone has used it without your consent. This is important, because you may be responsible for its use (including payment for Services), even if this was done without your consent.

You hereby undertake not to use anyone else’s login information.

If the Company believes that your activity or use of the Website does not comply with the terms of use as detailed in this document, or that they violate any laws, the Company may deny you access to the Services and/or cancel your password and/or take any other action with respect to Services requiring such registration, at its sole discretion.

The Database

The data collected will be stored in the Company’s database and will be its responsibility.

Personal Information Which Will Not Be Published on the Website

When ordering Services, you may be asked to provide the Company with additional information, or you may choose to provide such information at your own initiative. Personal information or information which may identify you which was not submitted through a platform that is open to all users shall not be disclosed by the Company to other users.

Use of Information

The information you provide and the details collected about you will be used in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy as well as the provisions of any law as pertaining to the following purposes:

  • To allow you to use the Services offered by the Website;
  • To improve and enrich the Services and content offered, including the creation of new services and content suited to the requirements and expectations of the Website’s users;
  • To modify or cancel existing Services or content;
  • To contact you when the Company believes it necessary;
  • For the purposes of analysis, control and delivery of statistical information to third parties. This information will not personally identify you;
  • For the proper operation and development of the Website, including the use of research and surveys;
  • To match the ads displayed during your use of the Company’s Website.

Information Storage

The Company may retain your personal information and the information collected about you even after it ceases its activities on the Website for any reason whatsoever. You may contact the Company at any time, using the contact information below, and ask for the information collected about you through the Website to be deleted, insofar as it is stored in databases owned by the Company.

Direct Emailing

From time to time, the Company may send you emails containing information about its Services, as well as marketing materials and advertisements. This information will only be sent to you if you have given your explicit consent, and you may rescind your consent at any time and stop receiving this information. The Company will not disclose your personal information to advertisers, but it may pass on statistical data as regarding the activities of Website users.

Any statistical data provided to third parties will not personally identify you

Providing Information to Third Parties

The Company will not provide your personal information or information collected about your activities on the Website to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • Insofar as it is necessary for the proper provision of the Website’s Services, as well as for the management and control of the Website, including by means of research and surveys conducted by third parties on behalf of the Company, as relating to the Website;
  • If you conduct activities, either on the Website or relating to the Website, that the Company perceives as being contrary to any law, or if you attempt to conduct such activities;
  • If the company has received a court order instructing it to provide your personal information, or information pertaining to you, to a third party;
  • In any case of any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand or legal proceedings between you and the Company;
  • In any event in which the Company believes that providing the information is necessary to prevent serious harm to your body or property or to the body or property of a third party;
  • The Company may provide and share, at its sole discretion, anonymous aggregate and statistical information with other companies or organizations associated to the Company or any third party, but it will not knowingly or intentionally disclose your personal identity without your consent;
  • If the Company establishes its activities or the activities of the Website in a different framework, and in the event it changes its legal structure or merges with another entity or merges the activities of the Website with the activities of a third party – it shall be entitled to provide the new corporation with a copy of the information collected about you in the Company’s database on the condition that this corporation takes upon itself the provisions of this Privacy Policy as pertains to you;
  • Credit card information will not be stored in the Company’s database, and will only be provided to the customer’s credit card company.


The Company’s Website uses cookies for its ongoing and proper operation, including the collection of statistical information about the use of the Website, verification of details, adapting the Website to your personal preferences and for the purposes of data security.

 Modern internet browsers include the option of blocking cookies.  If you do not know how to do this, check your internet browser’s help file.

Third Party Advertisements

The Company reserves the right to post third party advertisements on its Website.  The advertisements you see when using the Company’s Website come from the computers of these third party companies.  To manage their advertisements, these companies place cookies on your computer.

 The cookies allow them to collect information about the websites on which you have viewed their advertisements and about which advertisements you have clicked.  The use of cookies by these companies is subject to their privacy policies and not the Privacy Policy of the Company.

 Data Security

The Website is subject to Google’s security systems and protocols.  In addition, the Company also implements its own data security systems and protocols in order to protect the information it collects.  While these systems and protocols reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the database and Website, they do not guarantee absolute security.  Therefore, the Company does not guarantee that the Services on the Website and the information it collects will be completely immune from unauthorized access.

 The Right to Review Information

According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, every person is entitled, personally or through a representative who has written consent, or by a guardian, to review information about them contained in a database. A person who has reviewed the information about him and found it to be incorrect, incomplete, unclear or not up-to-date may contact the owner of the database and request that the information be corrected or deleted. If the owner of the database refuses, he must notify the person requesting the change in such manner as prescribed in the regulations. The database owner’s refusal to allow a review of the information or to correct or delete information may be appealed by the person requesting the change in the manner prescribed in the regulations.

In addition, if the information in the Company’s database is used to personally contact you, based on your belonging to a certain population group as determined by one or more characteristics of people whose names are included in the database, then, under the Protection of Privacy Law, 1981, you will be entitled to demand in writing that the information pertaining to you be deleted from the database. In such an event the Company will only delete the information required to contact you with commercial offers as stated above. Please note that deletion of information may prevent you from continuing to receive Services from the Company. Information required by the Company for the conduct of its business – including the documentation of your commercial and other activities on the Website – will be retained by the Company by law, but will no longer be used to contact you. If you do not receive notification that the information the Company was asked to delete has indeed been deleted under this section within 30 days, you will be entitled to petition the court, in the manner prescribed in the regulations of the Protection of Privacy Law, and ask it to instruct the Company to do so.

 Privacy Policy Changes

The Company may, from time to time, change the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If such changes are substantial changes regarding the use of personal information you have provided, notification of such will be posted on the Website or through other reasonable means. We recommend that you keep up to date with the Privacy Policy from time to time.


The Company strictly complies with the provisions of the law and respects the rights of the users of the Website and others with respect to their privacy, good names, and every other right.  If you are offended by the Website or in any other regard, please contact us using the following contact information, and we will make every effort to address your concern as soon as possible.

 Email: Info@aerovip.co.il

 Phone: 03-9754468